Achieve Higher Patient Engagement and Increase Your Reimbursement
Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of healthcare business operations. From start up to growth opportunities, program development, compliance and exit strategies, we can assist you with any phase of your business.
Preventive Care
Establishing a Baseline of the patient’s health is step 1. By utilizing the AWV and IPPE, we are able to get out in front of each individual patient’s care needs. We are able to map out a Proactive Prevention Plan, offer personalized screenings, and get the patient on the track to optimal care.
Chronic Care
For chronically ill patients, often a Personalized Prevention Plan is only so helpful. It’s following through that is the greatest challenge. For these patients we offer chronic care management services that comes with a care manager who regularly checks in and guides the patient through treatment outside of the clinic.
Transitional Care
Readmission rates are a focal point in healthcare today, and used to judge a healthcare organization’s overall quality of care. But the hospital doesn’t have control over whether the patient follows discharge plans. Oculus now guides each patient on the road to recovery post-discharge.
Provider Practice Revenue Potential
Based on national data, this table calculates the revenue potential for a single provider billing for CPT Code 99490. If a provider performs CCM services for their census of qualifying Medicare patients, their additional gross revenue potential is $242,396.88/year. The revenue potential only grows with the number of providers per physician group. The greater number of physicians, the higher revenue potential for the physician practice.

1 – Total Patient base
2 – Roughly 70% of Medicare patient Base
3 – Based on Medicare fee schedule for physicians 2016 Colorado
* — Net Revenue per year.


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