Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Is the CCM Program customizable?

A:   Yes, our offerings are customizable to your needs. We will fill in the gaps of care for any services you may be missing.

Q:   How do you identify patients eligible for CCM Program?

A:   Our software system stratifies all of your patients and can identify Medicare beneficiaries with two or more chronic diseases. These patients can then receive chronic care management services.

Q:   How does AlphaOne bill for their services?

A:   A report will be generated at the end of each month that will identify all patients who have received 20 or more minutes of chronic care management services. This report can then be used to bill for these services.

Q:   Can more than one physician bill for CCM services?

A:   No, only one physician can bill for CCM services per month. Q: What is the implementation timeline for your CCM Program? A: 30 days depending on the size of the practice.

Q:   What states does AlphaOne serve?

A:   We have offices in numerous states and can perform services anywhere in the country.

Q:   Are Medicare beneficiaries who qualify for CCM services required to pay a copay?

A:   Yes, 20% coinsurance is required, but if the member has supplemental insurance or is a dual-eligible (Medicare and Medicaid), the copayment will likely be covered.

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